EORNAs mission is to:

  • EORNA promotes and maintains a high standard of perioperative patient care
  • EORNA promotes the intellectual and professional interests of European perioperative nurses
  • EORNA links and collaborates with relevant European and international organisations

Our objectives are composed of six pillars:

Community Governance Education
EORNA represents the unified voices of the perioperative field in Europe by integrating nurses, practitioners, actors and organisations with related interests. Our association provides a platform and network for members in an open and honest environment. EORNA empowers perioperative nursing in Europe and defines good perioperative leadership. EORNA improves the impact of our association through key activities and meetings. Our goal is to develop and sustain a high degree of education amongst all member countries.
Ethics Science Standards
EORNA promotes perioperative care, reinforces patient safety and contributes to the well-being of the community. We adopt the ICN code of ethics. EORNA identifies relevant topics and challenges within the field and recommends on current issues in perioperative care. EORNA upholds and advances the standards of perioperative nursing care and establishes the professional recognition of surgical nursing throughout Europe.