The procedure is as follows:

  •  The provider of an activity requests European Accreditation of the event with EORNA ACE. Full details concerning the activity must be provided together with the application.

This will be judged against the EORNA ACE Quality criteria

  • The EORNA ACE may request professional advice from a professional body or professional persons experienced in the field of the event or activity being evaluated, which may not be the provider itself.
  • The number of credits is then based upon the “credit-hour” system following the ECMEC (European CME Credits) rules (1 hour equals 1 ECMEC with a maximum of 4 ECMEC’s for a half day activity and 8 ECMEC’s for a full day activity)
  • The EORNA ACE also may request approval from the national regulatory body of the country where the activity is taking place
  • If satisfied that all criteria are met the EORNA ACE grants European accreditation.

This procedure meets the political requirements of the national regulatory bodies. The added value of the EORNA ACE is the link between the professional societies, and others, who are the providers of activity and the national regulatory bodies. Any change to this procedure would need the consensus of the EORNA Board. Any deviation from this consensus would defeat the purpose of the EORNA ACE.

The ultimate goal has been to develop a system that makes life easier for our colleagues and to provide them with recognized quality of activity.
The system is decentralized, using expertise in quality assessment available in the existing professional structures.