EORNA has seven official committees. Committee members work together at the EORNA Board meetings in spring and autumn. To get further information about the different working areas, just have a look below.

EORNA Committees

External Development Affairs Committee (EDAC)

The main goal of EDAC is to encourage, develop and support external activities. The committee manages EORNA ACE and surveys the EORNA website. Chair of the Committee is Peter de Gang (VVOV, Belgium).

Educational Committee (EC)

The aim of EC is the education and facilitation of free circulation of specialised OR nurses. It developed the EORNA  Core Curriculum for Perioperative Nursing (4 modules) translated in all languages of EORNA Members as well as the EORNA Framework for Perioperative Nurse Competencies.  In the future, E-learning modules should be developed. Chair of the Committee is Jana Wichsova (CZORNA, Czechia).

Committee for Perioperative Nursing Care Issues (PNC)

The main goal of the Committee is to improve the perioperative nursing care. Committee members analyse current issues in nursing care and develop recommendations. An EORNA Guidelines Book is planned on its behalf. Chair of the Committee is Michael Elin (IPNA, Israel).

Organisational Committee (OrgC)

The aim of OrgC is to oversee all organisational & administrative aspects of EORNA. The Committee overviews all formal EORNA documents (e.g. Constitution, Standing Orders), recommends changes and ensures that processes and guidelines are followed. Chair of the Committee is Christine Robin (Sigop-Sidops, Switzerland).

Scientific Committee EORNA Congress (SC)

The Committee is responsible for the programme of the EORNA Congress. Chair of the Committee is Maria Loureiro (VVOV, Belgium).

EORNA Congress (OC)

This committee is responsible for overseeing the organisation of EORNA’s Bi-Annual Congress. Chair of the Committee is Esther Espunyes (Spain).

EORNA Communication Committee (CC)

This committee is responsible for overseeing development and implementation of the communication strategy for all EORNA activities. Chair of the Committee is Satu Voutilainen (FORNA, Finland).