Structure of EORNA ACE

EORNA ACE is the EORNA Advisory Council for continuing professional development (CPD) and education (CME).The EORNA Executive Board of Officers elects an EORNA ACE executive committee consisting of the President and / or the Vice-President or one other executive officer of EORNA as well as three or four other EORNA board members.

The EORNA ACE will request its mandate from the national regulatory bodies, with the following conditions agreed by both:

  • The autonomy of the National Authority must be respected. EORNA ACE would not become a supranational body, but a link and clearing-house between the national regulatory bodies.
  • The final decision on recognition of accreditation of each activity must thus rest with the national regulatory body in that country where the activity takes place.
  • There should be no accreditation of commercially biased activities.
  • Recognition of long distance learning is developing on the basis of individual modules separately assessed. Providers are not accredited for series of activities stretching over years.
  • Administrative expenses of EORNA ACE should be borne by the providers of activities applying for European accreditation.

Only within the framework of these conditions, the national regulatory bodies will be asked to recognise EORNA ACE credits obtained by nurses and other health care professionals in their country.

Please find the  accreditation fees here.