Dear colleagues,

EORNA is the voice of perioperative nurses in Europe and aims to promote perioperative care in various ways.

EORNA recognises the various settings where surgical procedures are performed and perioperative nurses practice.

The “Best Practice of Perioperative Care” book has been developed by the EORNA Perioperative Nursing Care Committee (PNC). The first edition was published in 2015 as a hard copy. EORNA Board decided to revise and update the book and published it digitally on the EORNA website. This download is free of charge for perioperative nurses.

The PNC committee will continue to update and write new recommendations as part of EORNA’s commitment for Best Practice of Perioperative Care in Europe and internationally.

Thank you to PNC committee chair and members and to the EORNA board members who help me to revise and update this version.

Yael  Edry
EORNA Past Secretary
EORNA Board Member
IPNA President

Download here: EORNA Best Practice for Perioperative Care – Edition 2023