2024.February.29 @ 16:00 – 17:00
Webinar: Sustainable Healthcare: Accelerating the Adoption of Innovative Solutions in Hospitals @ Online

Webinar: Sustainable Healthcare: Accelerating the Adoption of Innovative Solutions in Hospitals


Join this free webinar to explore how industry and technical universities together drive the implementation of groundbreaking solutions and can accelerate efforts to make hospitals more sustainable. A unique discussion connecting the academic research and the clinical implementation perspectives to illustrate recent developments and novel solutions.

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Moderator and Host:

 Dr. Tim Horeman
Tim Horeman is Associate Professor in Sustainable Surgery & Translational Technology at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), and Academic Portfolio Director for Medical Technology at the university’s Extension School for Continuing Education. Tim has ample experience in the objective assessment of surgical skills and the functioning of surgical instrument based on interaction force, instrument motion and other data sources.

Currently, Tim leads the development of a new generation of sustainable surgical instruments for advanced (robot) surgery that should foster the introduction of more functional instruments in less wealthy parts of the world.


 Dr. Bart van Straten
Bart van Straten is an expert in the field of sustainability and the circular healthcare economy. He is affiliated to the company Van Straten Medical and several educational and government-related institutions. He co-founded GreenCycl, an organization with the mission to decrease medical waste. Bart holds a doctorate in BioMedical Engineering from TU Delft with a specialization in circular reuse of surgical devices and surgical waste materials.

During his PhD research, Bart codeveloped a Field Lab with Tim Horeman for experimental research on reprocessing surgical waste into new raw material and medical products. For this work and building the world’s first recycling process for hospital waste, he was recognised in the ‘Utrecht Circular Innovation Top 20’.

Newly published: you can now order the paperback, or download a free version, of Horeman and Van Straten’s book Creating a circular healthcare Economy.

 Dr. Frank Willem Jansen
Prof Frank Willem Jansen MD, PhD, is a trained gynaecologist in Minimally Invasive Surgery. His appointment at both the Leiden University Medical Centre and the TU Delft focusses on the implementation of new (sustainable) techniques and technologies in surgery. Currently, in this line, he is the Chairman of Medical Delta and the Dutch Network of the Green Operating Room.